How To Apply




We receive over 1,000 applications annually from prospective participants worldwide across all of our film programs which makes attaining “program acceptance” HIGHLY COMPETITIVE. As a result we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to read this ‘application cheat sheet’ in grave detail as it will undoubtedly increase your chances of getting accepted into the program(s) of your choice.

 Application Process

Applications are submitted electronically online ONLY at: Apply.TheCreativeMindGroup.com

To begin the application process you must do the following:

  • Visit apply.thecreativemindgroup.com
  • Create an account
  • After creating an account you will be emailed a link to formally begin the application process
  • Your application submission CAN be used to apply for one or more programs of your choice.

Application Requirements

  • Must be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • Must be proficient in English, writing and speaking (additional languages welcomed).
  • Must possess and convey a passion for the pursuit of a career in the entertainment industry and/or creative fields.

Application Form

  • The main content of the application that identifies who you are.
  • Personal Information:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Contact Info
    • Education Background
    • How Did You Hear About The Program?
    • Financial Aid Request (if applicable)
    • Essay Questions: A series of questions designed to gather a keen sense of your personality and objectives for attending the program.
    • TIP: Be honest and open! We cherish those who disclose their true feelings, experiences, visions, and goals. We want to read your dreams! Be bold, courageous, and manifest your destiny. Brevity is appreciated, though we encourage detail. Help us. Help You. LIVE THE DREAM.

Introduction Video

  • Vimeo or Youtube link introducing yourself, telling us why you’re applying to the program.
  • 2:00 minutes maximum time length
    • TIP #1: Be yourself! This video is all about giving us a sense of your personality, communication skills and knowledge of the entertainment. Feel free to think outside your box.
    • TIP #2: Please be advised that if you are applying for “The Internship Experience” your intro video WILL be sent to potential Internship Host Companies and factored into your hiring process.
    • TIP #3: Relax. ‘Eye’ Contact.


  • Standard resume detailing your experience, skills, education and knowledge of multiple languages (if applicable).
    • TIP #1: Formatting is everything! This is a fundamental point you should focus on. Presentation is paramount, and if you’re resume is cluttered, hard-to-read, zigzag, and disorganized, the reader often grows frustrated and uninterested. Remember you are persuading someone to learn about you so be certain the formatting is clean, simple, and legible. This is not a comic book or children’s novel; it’s a documentation of your professional experience.
    • TIP #2: Pertinence! Be certain every utterance on the page is entirely appropriate in the context. It’s lovely that you used to clean pools when you were 16 years old, but only include this if you feel it is absolutely relevant to your experience as a creative professional. It’s okay if you don’t have any relevant entertainment experience (that’s what we offer you), but we do not need to see every single job you’ve ever held to get a sense of your competence.
    • TIP #3: Educational studies and university pride are admirable, but these should not be the focus of your professional resume. Include these points, but at the end of the day, a person looking at your resume is only interested in one thing: EXPERIENCE. Paint a picture of what you have DONE. If you haven’t done much, don’t try to fill the space with clutter. Leave the space. It’s refreshing to see a clean, simple, honest resume that breathes.

Headshot/Profile Picture

  • Standard Passport-Style photograph
  • Clear image, in-focus, looking straight into lens ideally from the shoulders up.
    • TIP: This is photo we will use for your accreditation badge to the festival, so it needs to be a clear version of how you currently look.

Letter of Recommendation

  • Standard recommendation letter drafted by someone who has experience with you in a professional or academic setting.
    • TIP: Ask someone you trust and respect to write this letter, someone who knows you in a professional or educational setting, ideally a more senior colleague or professor. It’s better to have someone who believes in you write this letter as opposed to someone who is just a “name”. We just want to see a personal account of you from someone who knows you and cares about your future.

Short Film Submission (Optional)

  • A sample of a film you worked on, short, feature, music video, or otherwise.
    • TIP: Pick something that is recent, relevant, and what you consider to be your best work. If you are in the Filmmaker Institute and want to be selected as a director, submit a film you directed. This same principle applies to any other position you wish to hold on the Filmmaker team; submit work that is relevant to your current ambitions.

Creative Sample (Optional)

  • An alternate creative submission, ie. Screenplay, painting, photograph, poetry, etc…
    • TIP: Relevance is key to this category. Be sure that you submit a work that you feel is most representative of your current artistic self.

Audio Sample (Optional)

  • An audio sample submission, ie. Score, song, composition, sound design track, soundscape, etc…
    • TIP: Feel free to show us any kind of work that shows us your aural genius! Spoken word, podcasts, musical compositions, sound design, or otherwise.

Application Fee

  • $55 PER program submission
  • Thank you! Our application Review Committee takes very careful time to read and review your applications, giving each one its due and proper process.
  • If you apply for more than one program per submission, you will be charged the application fee multiplied by the number of programs applied for.

Application Timeline

Rolling Applications

  • We accept applications all year long for each program.
  • Each program has a respective application deadline (Early & General).
  • Every application will be sorted depending on the submission date to determine for which program(s) each application is eligible.
  • If your application is submitted after the allotted deadline it will be considered for the following years program.
  • For example: Any applications to Cannes submitted between January 13, 2014 – January 12, 2015 would be considered for CMIC 2015; any application to Cannes submitted between January 13, 2015 – January 12, 2016 would be considered for CMIC 2016.
    • Please note:
      • The final date on the example reflects the general application deadline for Cannes.
      • Each program has its unique timeline and submission deadlines.

Application Timelines

Toronto | September 6 – 13 | 2017

Early Application Deadline: Friday June 2, 2017
General Application Deadline: Friday July 14, 2017
Program Fee: $2,599 USD
*Financial Aid Available upon Request
Deposit Due: August 2017


Hollywood | November 1 – 8 | 2017

General Application Deadline: Friday, September 29, 2017
Program Fee: NO Program Fee


Sundance | January 17 – 24 | 2018

Early Application Deadline:September 29, 2017
General Application Deadline:  October 27, 2017
Program Fee: $2,599 USD*
*Financial Aid available upon request
Deposit Due: November 2017


Berlin | February 14 – 21 | 2018

Early Application Deadline: October 13, 2017
General Application Deadline: November 10, 2017
Program Fee:$1,499 USD*
*Financial Aid available upon request
Deposit Due:December 2017


Cannes | May 15 – 29 | 2017

Early Application Deadline: December 2, 2016
General Application Deadline: January 13, 2017
Program Fee: $3,499 USD*
*Financial Aid available upon request
Deposit Due: February 2017


Lions | June 17 – 24 | 2017

Early Application Deadline: March 3, 2017
General Application Deadline: April 7, 2017
Program Fee: $1,999 USD*
*Financial Aid available upon request
Deposit Due: May 2017


Review Process

Our application review committee takes great care in selecting the candidates that best fit each particular program. Each application is reviewed in its entirety, starting with the essay questions, intro video, resume, letter of recommendation, and a bonus category of the optional creative submissions. Our all-alumni staff of Program Coordinators, Recruitment Managers, and select Consultants comprises our review committee. Once each application deadline occurs, the committee reviews the applications within a three-four week period. All independent reviews factor into the overall decision of the acceptance process.

Acceptance Process

Each applicant will be notified via email within a three to four week period after the application deadline passes. Once accepted you will be notified of the steps to take moving forward as it relates to the completion of mandatory program documents and paying the program fee. You will be contacted by the Creative Minds Staff who will assist you with this process and aid you in preparing for program participation.

Deferral Process

If an applicant is NOT accepted into the program, the alternative options below are provided:

  • Wait List
    • For the festival and program you applied for and in the case one of the selected participants is unable to attend, their spot may be offered to you.
    • In some cases, this may months or weeks before the program commences, so there is no set timeline.
    • If you select the wait list option, please be prepared to maintain a strong level of patience with the process, since a spot could open at any time.
  • Deferral
    • You can elect to have your application reconsidered for a different program component within the festival that you applied for.
      • For example: if you apply for The Cannes Internship Experience, but do not get accepted you can defer your application to be reconsidered for: (a) Cannes Filmmaker Institute or (b) Cannes Networking Connection. This same concept applies across all programs.
    • Each application can only be deferred one time. After this deferral, the applicant must create an entirely new application submission to be considered for additional festival programs.

Live The Dream

Thank you for your interest in The Creative Mind Group. Only through the collective positive intentions of all our alumni, staff, present and future participants are we able to help each other grow as creative beings. We encourage you to inherit the spirit of good will and carry forth in all your endeavors with passion, dedication and love.