Meet Our Team

Rob Ford

Founder & CEO of The Creative Mind Group

Robert Ford is the founder and CEO of The Creative Mind Group (CMG), in addition to being a talented television and film producer. CMG was founded in 2004, creating a platform that allows college students to break into entry-level positions in the film industry. CMG participants work with top-tier film companies such as Paramount Pictures, Focus Features, and William Morris Endeavor among others, create short films and network at world-renowned film festivals. As the founder and CEO of The Creative Mind Group Robert is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the company.

Coming from humble beginnings in South Central, Los Angeles, Robert attributes much of his success to the guidance he received from others. Rather than succumb to the negative elements of the community, Robert’s mother motivated him to excel in school so that he could one day accomplish his dreams. His love of sports combined with receiving encouragement from his high school history teacher, led him to pursue his interest in sports broadcasting at Howard University.

While attending Howard University, Robert was the Assistant Campus Editor for the student newspaper- “The Hilltop.” His desire to create positive, thought-provoking visual content, led him to be bitten by the film bug, causing him to produce and direct his first short film called, “The Maneuver.” Robert also interned at Fox Family Channel, STARZ!, Entertainment Weekly, and was selected to attend the TIME Inc. Journalism Institute. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in journalism, he received the Kodak Filmmaker Award for his film “Dorm Window” (based on the Hitchcock classic “Rear Window”). This awarded him the opportunity to attend the Cannes Film Festival with a company that advertised internship opportunities and exclusive industry access that would lead to potential employment in the film industry.

Robert was eager to break into the film industry and thought the film program at the Cannes Film Festival would be a perfect segue way. In reality, the advertisements misrepresented the experience and program participants were forced to work a minimum of six to eight hours per day as hostesses, wait staff or as administrative assistants, eliminating the time needed to network and squandering the opportunity to connect with influential industry professionals.

Although Robert felt the experience was disappointing and exploiting, if done correctly he saw the great potential a film program could have if the focus wasn’t exclusively on monetary gain. He then tapped into his entrepreneurial spirit and launched The Creative Mind Group, to give students and young professionals a genuine opportunity to launch their careers in the entertainment industry. While building CMG, Robert began working on his film and television career, simultaneously. He has produced shows on top television networks including the OWN Network, Discovery Channel, Bravo, MTV and many more. As an accomplished producer and member of the Producers Guild of America, he remains on the pulse of the industry and connects students with contacts and rewarding opportunities.

To date we’ve brought over 1,100 participants to film festivals all over the world, setup more than 600 internships, produced more than 75 films and provided over 100 jobs for our alumni. Through charitable contributions to the company’s non-profit organization, The CMG Film Foundation, students are able to receive financial aid/scholarships to help cover the cost of attending the company’s film programs.

Robert currently resides in Southern California. He enjoys spending time with his daughter Imani, watching films and plays, traveling, bike riding and long distance running.

Oliver Mochizuki

Director of Fundraising

Alumnus of the 2010 Creative Minds in Cannes Internship Experience, Bristol, UK native Oliver Mochizuki leads our European division with great experience and versatility. As a film producer and entrepreneur, Oliver specializes in tax-efficient investments for film financing. He co-founded the hybrid crowd-funding platform ‘Fundsurfer.com’; he contributes as an event director and charity trustee, having co-founded the music and arts festival ‘BrisFest’ in 2006. Oliver proves an integral part of our team moving forward as we continue to strive for excellence in providing tangible experiences for emerging talent interested in the entertainment world. Please feel free to reach out to Oliver regarding any European initiatives. olly@thecreativemindgroup.com

Mackenzie Breeden

Administrative Manager

Mackenzie Breeden participated with The Creative Mind Group in 2013 doing the Internship Experience with ICM Partners. Through this experience she became passionate about the Creative Mind Group and all the opportunities that it brings to the younger film generation.  Mackenzie enjoyed her experience so much that she wanted to be a part of the company that jump-started her career. After applying for an internship with The Creative Mind Group, she eventually became the Executive Assistant and now the Administrative Manager. Originally from Colorado, Mackenzie moved to Los Angeles after graduating from Azusa Pacific University with a degree in Acting for the Stage and Screen. As Mackenzie continues to work with The Creative Mind Group, she also continues to pursue her professional acting career. Currently she is heavily involved in the improvisation scene as well as independent films.

Charles Box Jr.

Recruitment Manager

Former United States Marine and alumnus of the 2012 Creative Minds In Cannes Networking Connection, Charles Box, Jr. writes and directs audio/visual content. After graduating with a Master’s in Film Production from Chapman University, Charles began producing and directing short films and music videos in his hometown of Tampa, FL.

His experience as a participant in Cannes paved the way for his contribution as a Program Coordinator in Cannes, Toronto and Sundance. His passion for story telling and commitment to teamwork makes him an essential part of our team. He is currently working on his feature film debut and several other projects in development for television.

Larrin Devereaux Marrisett

Sr. Director of Technology and Marketing


Larrin Devereaux Marrisett has been with the Creative Mind Group since 2010 serving as the senior director of technology and marketing.  An avid entrepreneur Larrin has started and sold several businesses and institutions including FAST at UCLA and now FAST UC Berkeley, Lexi Capital and Wake Forest Montessori Preschool.  At the Creative Mind Group, Larrin has been instrumental in moving the company towards a paperless application process as well as overseeing several iterations on the website design and company expansion. Larrin is a alum of UCLA and Columbia University and has been recognized by Google as a top Adwords marketer in 2013.

Richie Duque-Henao

Director of the Filmmaker Institute

Richie is a 1st Generation Colombian Filmmaker from Long Island, New York. In 2012, he attended the Creative Minds in Cannes Program, where he worked an internship with William Morris Endeavor. Upon returning to his final year at Boston University, he began recruiting for the Creative Mind Group in the Boston area. This led him back to Cannes in 2013 as a Program Coordinator and an Associate Producer for video content at Creative Minds. He then relocated to New York where he managed CMG Alumni Events.

Richie soon began traveling the East Coast directing Alumni Profiles — mini docs that highlight success stories of past Creative Minds. His CMG video work extended into producing promotional work for Creative Minds at TIFF, Cannes, Sundance, and even for The Marché Du Film, Next Pavilion, and Chinese Summit at The Cannes International Film Festival in 2015.

Apart from his video work with CMG, he now oversees the Filmmaker Institute at all participating Film Festivals. He manages the team creation, position delegation, and all general production of the films from development to premiere.

In addition to his work with Creative Minds, Richie is the Founder of Oneonefive Productions: a small production company based out of NYC. While producing small commercial work, Oneonefive is also in the festival submission stage for three narrative shorts; “The Earth Belongs To Me,” “O! Hush The Noise” and “A Lonely Hymn,” the last of which was produced in the Stony Brook MFA Program headed by Christine Vachon (Killer Films). Oneonefive’s narrative work favors mood, character, and rhythm over spectacle, honing in on fleeting, intimate moments below the surface of everyday life.

Richie is in early pre-production stages of his first feature-length film “Alligator.”