Richie is a 1st Generation Colombian Filmmaker from Long Island, New York. In 2012, he attended the Creative Minds in Cannes Program, where he worked an internship with William Morris Endeavor. Upon returning to his final year at Boston University, he began recruiting for the Creative Mind Group in the Boston area. This led him back to Cannes in 2013 as a Program Coordinator and an Associate Producer for video content at Creative Minds. He then relocated to New York where he managed CMG Alumni Events.

Richie soon began traveling the East Coast directing Alumni Profiles — mini docs that highlight success stories of past Creative Minds. His CMG video work extended into producing promotional work for Creative Minds at TIFF, Cannes, Sundance, and even for The Marché Du Film, Next Pavilion, and Chinese Summit at The Cannes International Film Festival in 2015.

Apart from his video work with CMG, he now oversees the Filmmaker Institute at all participating Film Festivals. He manages the team creation, position delegation, and all general production of the films from development to premiere.

In addition to his work with Creative Minds, Richie is the Founder of Oneonefive Productions: a small production company based out of NYC. While producing small commercial work, Oneonefive is also in the festival submission stage for three narrative shorts; “The Earth Belongs To Me,” “O! Hush The Noise” and “A Lonely Hymn,” the last of which was produced in the Stony Brook MFA Program headed by Christine Vachon (Killer Films). Oneonefive’s narrative work favors mood, character, and rhythm over spectacle, honing in on fleeting, intimate moments below the surface of everyday life.

Richie is in early pre-production stages of his first feature-length film “Alligator.”