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Our mission at The Creative Mind Group is to find the next generation of talented Film & TV professionals and usher them into the entertainment industry by providing international film programs at the worlds most prestigious film festivals and markets. At each festival and market we provide a platform for filmmakers to showcase their talents via the creation of short films and an opportunity for aspiring film professionals to prove their capabilities, competency, worthiness, readiness and value by interning with film studios, production companies, talent agencies, public relation firms and media outlets who can launch their careers.

To date we’ve brought over 2,000 participants to film festivals all over the world, setup more than 800 internships, produced more than 75 films and provided over 200 jobs for our alumni. The Creative Mind Group represents the future of interactive learning experiences while dynamically advancing the way aspiring film and TV industry professionals connect with the entertainment industry.

Meet Our Team

Rob FordFounder & CEO of The Creative Mind Group
Larrin Devereaux MarrisettSr. Director of Technology and Marketing
Richie Duque-HenaoDirector of the Filmmaker Institute